Williams Fork Fishing Report
The week of: June 6th, 2018

Weather conditions: Cool mornings; warm afternoons, mainly sunny with occasional thunderstorms
Water conditions: Mid 50s warming quickly, clear water quality, slightly low level

Williams Fork Reservoir has been in its prime these past few seasons; there are a lot of fish in the system and a lot of trophies. The Lake Trout have been holding in relatively shallow water since iceoff but are starting their migration to their deep summer spots. Vertical jigging in 20-50ft with tubes and flukes has been most effective in the mornings. Trolling has been fairly effective if you can achieve the right depth. We have seen many fish over 20 pounds hit the net and one that was over 30 pounds! The Northern Pike bite is still slow but the water should be over 60 degrees by now and they’ll start becoming more active; jerkbaits, spinnerbaits, swimbaits, and topwater baits should all produce. The state has been stocking Rainbow Trout consistently all season long and the Kokanee population is very strong. Trout and Salmon can be caught with the standard gear. Please remember to practice catch and release, Williams Fork is known for its trophy potential but this is only possible if fisherman release their catch!