Meet your Guides

Connor Foy

Like most guides, Connor has been absolutely passionate about all things fishing since before he could remember. Growing up in Chicago that passion was sparked at a young age fishing with his dad and brothers. It started at the local neighborhood ponds and evolved rapidly from there. As he got older the passion grew stronger and he started exploring bigger bodies of water with his friends, he would routinely spend days on end fishing for an individual fish he had spotted earlier in the season. Nowadays he calls Colorado home but he has spent time all over the country and has been blessed with the opportunity to fish for almost everything that swims. From Tarpon in Florida to Muskie in Michigan, he loves it all. He spends most of his time in western Colorado guiding for Northern Pike and Lake Trout but loves to target Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, and Brown Trout almost as much. Over the years he has logged thousands of hours on his home waters and perfected his approach. He loves casting, trolling, jigging and fly fishing. He believes there is no better feeling than helping a youngster catch their first or biggest fish!

Colorado Waters Fished: Rifle Gap Reservoir