Ruedi Reservoir Fishing Report
The week of: June 28th, 2018

Weather conditions: Mild mornings, hot afternoons, mainly sunny with wind and the occasional thunderstorm.
Water conditions: Temperatures in the mid 60s, water level slightly low, dark tannic color.

Ruedi Reservoir has been outstanding! I spent basically the entire month of June guiding on Ruedi and it seemed like each day was better than the last. The brown tout population is solid and they can be caught in the mornings near the inlets and rocky shorelines. The CPW has been consistently stocking Rainbow Trout and Snakeriver Cutthroat since May and there are catchable trout everywhere. These stockers are still small so they prefer bait but can be caught on small lures as well. Most days were spent targeting Lake Trout and they did not disappoint. Even though we are in full summer mode there are still populations of lake trout in relatively shallow water, 30-60ft. These fish are aggressive and feeding heavily, the key is to find the active fish. Trolling has been effective if you can achieve the right depth but jigging has been most effective. Each day they key in on different colors, sizes, and profiles so experiment till you find what works. As always, please practice catch and release especially with big lake trout. And be care with all the wildfires in the area.